Roof Replacement Contractor in Bergen County New Jersey

Roof replacement is the number one job within the home remodeling workflow. Every single step you take starting from drywall installation down to delicate swipe of paint and to flooring will be ruined if they are not well protected with a proper roof. At North American Pfister we want to demystify the process of when and how to get a roof replacement contractor in Bergen county New Jersey. What are the basics you need to know about roof replacement?
Roof Replacement Contractor in Bergen County New Jersey
Understand the basic process of roofing
Understanding the basic roofing process is an added advantage. The word square, when used in roofing, means 100 square feet. Roofer speaks in terms of squares because they deal with large quantities of materials and space. This is not to done to confuse customers but to create verbal short hands among specialists, which is commonplace across many professions and social groups. Typically, a square comprises of three or four shingles. A moderate-sized roof might take three or four days if done a professional roofing installer.

Discover the best season for roofing
The work of a well-coordinated roofing team should be amazing, that is why you pay them. If roofers only want to work in perfect conditions, they will lose lots of customers or go out of business. Extending the work season is beneficial to customers and roofers alike. In some states, though, the optimal roofing season is in late spring to early fall. This is partial because the area that needs roofing installed must be perfectly dry before any covering layer is installed.

Know the basic type of materials
Roof Replacement Contractor in Bergen County New Jersey
Your choice of your roofing materials basically depends on your taste and locality. You may decide to use:
  • Metal roofing: still rare and not all roofers can install them only special companies can.
  • Wood shake: pricey, but attractive
  • Asphalt composition: cheap and easily obtained, but less attractive
  • Rubber slate: recycled post-industrial synthetics still gaining popularity.
  • Slate roofing: highly attractive and the best roofing option.

Save money and material
The cost of replacing a roof varies according to the roof material used, the roof area to be covered and many other factors. You can use inexpensive 3-tab asphalt shingles or architectural shingles or even slates. Our contractors are flexible to negotiate on the cost.

Whether you decide on removing shingles or roof over them is another issue to consider. Consider things like, weight, telegraphing, saving work or reducing waste. Our qualified contractors at North American Pfister will give you appropriate advice on what to do and they will help you turn your old roof into a new better looking one.

To learn more about our roof replacement contractors in Bergen county New Jersey and for a free quote, please call us today at (201) 794-1422. 


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