Thursday, November 30, 2017

Best Time of Year to Replace Your Roof

Getting your roof replaced usually never comes at the best time. Perhaps it's been weathered by storms or damaged by tree branches, you can't live with a hole in your roof. On the contrary, there are good and bad seasons to get your roof replaced that you may want to be prepared.

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Usually the fall months, September to November, is the best time of year to replace your roof. For one, it's on the dryer side. No summer storms, spring showers or winter blizzards to worry about. When the weather is not too dry or wet, it makes the installation easier because the material won't be too brittle and dry or too malleable and wet either. Another reason is because the shingles must be fitted and sealed perfectly before the freezing winters come along. Only when they are sealed, will they be able to offer airtight resistance against moisture. As each material is different and entails a different procedure, we suggest you consider the type of roofing you are looking into. If your roof is looking a little weathered and you live in an area with serious winter conditions it would be a great time to get a free estimate for your roof replacement

We all know a roof replacement can't ideally fall into your lap during the autumn months but the beginning of summer is a great time also. As the middle of summer approaches like July and August a lot of roofing companies are very busy. The high heat can soften the asphalt in the shingles causing them to be less durable during installation and become scuffed when being walked on. If you are noticing some damage around the end of winter and beginning of spring, it would be a great time to book an appointment and get a free roofing estimate by North American Pfister

Free Roofing Estimate
Another helpful tip is not to wait for an emergency to arise. Many homeowners don't want to invest in a brand new roof. Instead, they put it off as long as possible and wait until a more serious situation presents itself. This forces you to make a quick and difficult decision.

Planning ahead can cut costs and prevent damage to other aspects of your home also. A leak in a roof can lead to serious damage in your home that will cost way more than just replacing it. 

The professional home contractors at North American Pfister have many years of home renovation experience, having satisfied many clients with excellent results across a variety of projects. Whether you need a new home construction, or home remodeling services, our construction services will not only help increase the value of your home but improve the quality of your living. 

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