Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NJ LeafGuard Gutters from North American Pfister

North American Pfister Inc. is a combination of two respected, hard-working companies—North American Re-Modeling & Design and Pfister Roofing. The combination of these two companies ensures that our customers will receive all the attention they deserve. North American Re-Modeling & Design's background in seamless gutters and Pfister Roofing's background in roofing aided the two companies in the beginning to sell Englert LeafGuard Gutter in 1996. To this day, North American Pfister continues to provide customers with LeafGuard gutters in NJ.

Damaged or clogged gutters are a homeowner's nightmare. Besides lowering the visual appeal of your home, clogged, loose or damaged gutters are a hazard. Englert LeafGuard gutter in NJ is a one-piece, seamless, covered gutter system that will not get clogged or come loose from the house. Installed without the use of nails, this state-of-the-art gutter system will not damage your home in the way conventional gutters do. Instead, it is installed using an interior support hanger screwed into the Fascia of your home.

LeafGuard gutters are non-clogging and are thicker and stronger than conventional gutters. The hood that comes with this one-piece gutter also prevents leaves and other potential obstacles from sticking to your house and creating clogs. NJ LeafGuard prevents flooding while still maintaining a streamlined, seamless design so you do not have to sacrifice the appearance of your home for the sake of gutter protection.

North American Pfister is very confident that you will be satisfied with this gutter system. With this system you will not have to worry about dangerous water overflows, clogs or climbing high ladder to fix these clogs. Englert LeafGuard is the only one-piece gutter system that is patented. Customers can be sure that they are installing the original seamless gutter system. NJ LeafGuard not only raises the visual appeal of your home but also saves you time and money because you will not have to have it repaired often.

For more information on North American Pfister Inc. and our NJ LeafGuard gutters, call us today at (88) 872-4888.

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