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Vinyl Siding Installation in NJ

North American Pfister provides vinyl siding installation in NJ. Our vinyl siding installation in NJ is an affordable and reliable way to enhance the beauty of your home. We are a team of certified vinyl siding contractors that are fully licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind.

There are many different types of siding you can choose from. Many people focus on the color first, seeing which color fits their home the best. There are plenty of advantages when you decide to use vinyl siding for your home. When vinyl siding first arrived it was a replacement for aluminum siding. Common problems arose when people started installing this. It discolors and cracks but that was in the 60's. Vinyl siding has come a long way since then and does not suffer from these issues anymore. Many homes have gone to vinyl with its improvements over the past few decades. There are many advantages to have vinyl siding installed in today's day and age.

The siding is easy to install and doesn't require much maintenance. The only type you will run into is washing the siding. That is when you can power wash your home, which may only need this service once a year, depending on the area. This siding is very environmentally friendly and can be recycled. Since it is made of vinyl, it will never rot or be infested with bugs. There could be spiderwebs but those could never fully damage the siding. Never will you worry about the siding being damaged by bees and rotting from termites.

This is made of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) resin that is then combined with other elements to ensure its durability and flexibility. Acrylic compounds help the siding resist denting and degradation due to extreme weather. Titanium dioxide and other chemicals are added to protect the color in vinyl siding. If an extreme storm hits your area the siding will survive.

The color on vinyl siding will not fade. The colors are mixed with PVC which prevents them from getting damaged from the sun. The color will always look great as wood siding will fade and suffer from infestation by bugs. This prevents scratches and blemishes from becoming noticeable, something wood and aluminum cannot withstand.

Vinyl is now so commonly used because it costs anywhere between 25% to 50% less than wood or aluminum siding. All of these benefits prove that you are getting great siding all at a great price. Instead of investing tons into any other type of siding and eventually having to repair it. Vinyl siding will stay perfect for you, many years to come. You will stay smiling all these years, every time you see your home and how great the vinyl siding makes it look.

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Professional Roof Contractors in NJ

North American Pfister has a long history as roofing contractor in NJ. The beginning can be traced back to Ernst Pfister in 1889. In 1894, he was given the gold medal of excellence in roofing craftsmanship. The business was taken over in 1914 by one of Ernst's sons and has enjoyed decades of success ever since. When you are looking for a roofing contractor in NJ, choosing us means you are not only getting a tight-knit, family-oriented group of people, but you are getting contractors that have a huge wealth of experience.

As we all know the most important function of a roof is keeping us dry as well as protect us from inclement weather. That is why it is imperative that we do not only choose the best roofing material for our homes and businesses, but also professional roofers must be considered for the job. Investing in the finest roofing material and roofer can assure you that your roof will surely last for many years.
In the search for qualified roofers, make sure that your roofing contractor can give you a good advice about the products that will be used and the procedures that they will follow as it may be new to you. It is crucial that you trust your contractor.

This, of course, will make everything easy for the both of you. You rely on them and they value your decision. The key here is to find the right professional roofer for the job. Choosing a contractor should not be based on their estimates and prices alone. Do not base your decision on the lowest bidder, think wisely. There are a lot of roofers out there who offers a competitive rate and the project is of high quality and something that you can certainly be proud of.

First off, ask for the full name and address of the company. Established roofing companies usually have long-term company address as well as office phone numbers. Remember that a trustworthy company will be more than willing to send you their information and possibly their company registration numbers, or tax identification number.

Next, professional roofers possess an intensive knowledge of the roofing industry as it is their field of specialty. They should be able to guide you in choosing the most appropriate roof structure within your financial budget that is well-suited for your home.

Third, you can base their professionalism on the various roofing association they may be part of. In connection to this, roofing companies who are members of these groups are certified from different training institutions. Ask your potential roofer for proof of membership or certifications.

Fourth, any professional roofers have insurance coverage and safe practices. Check for verification of insurance coverage as this can greatly benefit you too while at the same time take care of the workers' compensation and general liability.

Then you may ask for a written proposal. The proposal will help you make your mind up from the many probable roofers that you are choosing from. Read it carefully so that you can figure out who you can partner with.

And finally, before you decide who to choose to ask for the company's license. Several states or countries require that all roofing contractors must have a license together with other documents. This may include confirmation of bonding, address, and telephone number.

There are a lot of roofers to select from and deciding on whom to choose can be taxing, so choose someone who can give you an assurance of only the best quality work.

Home repair can be intimidating. When you choose North American Pfister as your roofing contractor in NJ, we consult with you about every aspect of the roofing process. We will help you determine if you need a new roof altogether or just some repair here and there. We schedule on-site free roofing estimate at your convenience. For more information, please call our roofing contractors in NJ at (201) 794-1422.

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Siding Contractor in NJ

Are you looking for a siding contractor in NJ? North American Pfister is a fully licensed and insured siding contractor in NJ providing professional siding installation services for more than 40 years. Our certified siding contractors have the skills and knowledge to work on homes with various shapes, designs and structures, makes us a great choice when you look for a siding installation company that you can trust.

While you may not have gone around your house to check out the siding in... what? three years or so...? You should put it on your calendar for the first sunny day we have. It can sneak up on you and may be costing you some money.

Siding does get old, crack, absorb moisture and will at some point begin to leak. So maybe you do need to take out that one board, that got hit a few too many times by the lawnmower. And yes there is that spot where the paint started to peel so unpainted wood had been exposed to this winter's freezing temperatures. But it can't be all that bad, right?

So how do you know whether you need just a few minor repairs or need to have a general contractor to give you a quote on new siding? What should you look for to know that something which looks minor could be something major?

Well, we have some things you should take a look at to determine that.


Siding shouldn't need frequent painting. Generally, home siding should be in shape with no peeling or cracking of the paint for 8-10 years and maybe a little longer. If your house siding shows cracks and areas where the paint is peeling or you paint every five or six years, you may have moisture under the siding. This moisture is also affecting the inside of your house.

High Heating or Cooling Bills
Compare your utility bills over the past few years. Make any adjustments for any rate increases so you can be sure you are seeing apples to apples. Or just compare the consumption of the fuel whether it's oil, gas, electricity. Mentally make an adjustment for a really bad winter or hot summer. Check with your neighbors who have similar sized housing. If your costs are considerably higher, you may need to consider your home's wall insulation and siding. Also, determine if you have roof leaks or attic insulation.
Do a visual check of the siding and where the siding meets your roof. Check for any place that could be letting air escape from your house.

Warped Siding

On your visual inspection, take a screwdriver and poke the end under any siding that has a warped or misshape to it. Rotten boards will give you little resistance. If the wood feels solid, no moisture is affecting it. If you have warping or rotten softwood, you need to have your siding replaced.

Loose or Cracked Siding
During some of our wind storms, it is easy for some of our sidings to become loose. If it has been pulled away from your building, it's an invitation for moisture. Winds also blow small and large tree branches which will often slam against your house. Check your siding for any cracks or scar damage that has gone through the paint.

You may be able to remove a few broken or cracked pieces and replacement. When you do, check the layers underneath the siding for any further damage to this underlayer. Don't just cover it with a new siding board. It will need to be repaired at the same time. Water behind the siding will still produce wood rot even if covered with new siding.

Replacing one or two boards would be normal repair and maintenance. If you have large areas that have cracking problems or peeling paint, you should contact a general contractor to come to take a look.

Inside the Home

If you have any outside wall where the paint is peeling or the wallpaper is pulling away from the wall, you very likely have a siding problem that is allowing moisture to come into your home. As moisture moves further through the walls, you will see this type of damage on your interior.

Fungus, Mold, Mildew

Excessive moisture will eventually start to show as fungus, mold or mildew on the siding. You will generally see this first on the joints where the siding pieces are up against each other. It's possible this joint has lost its caulk sealant and is letting moisture go behind your siding. Determine how much fungus growth you have and whether you need to call in a professional or not. Fungus and mildew, but especially mold can be a health hazard. If there's a lot, call a professional to check it out.

If it's just a shading of mildew, wash it off and get out the caulk gun to seal these joints. You should add this to your maintenance list every other year.

Faded Siding Boards

Everything has a life expectancy and siding and paint do too. If the color has faded considerably, the waterproofing provided by the paint has also faded. The siding does not have the protective coating that the paint provided. Get out the screwdriver again and poke that siding in places to see if you still have solid boards. If so, you just need to paint. If any of them are soft, you may have lost this protection and need new siding.

Get a General Contractor
Replacing siding looks pretty simple. You just put up sheath walls of plywood and cover them with house-wrap or felt paper and hammer in the siding.
But the truth is, there is a lot more to it than that. Your house needs to be water and windproof and being able to achieve that does take a bit of experience. The fitting and cutting of the siding are crucial.

Some siding can have nails hammered in at an angle, others the nail must be hammered straight in. And finally, all the siding joints of the wood need to be caulked. If you are inexperienced at this, you are much better off hiring a professional general contractor.

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