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Licensed Roofers in Bergen County, NJ

Shelter from the Storms

Our Licensed Roof Contractors Hard at Work
Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house. Without the roof, you are sitting in little more than a big box, waiting to receive the elements. And those elements include all of nature's downpours, harsh winds, and other destructive events that would otherwise pass you by if you had an intact roof. The roof protects you from all of this and more—such as animals and insects and other unwanted guests having access to your house.

But a roof is more than just a shield. It is also a simple, yet elegant way to display your house’s unique design and feel to the world. The roof is the cherry on top of the vanilla sundae, the spot where you can top off your house in style and be sure your residence stands tall above the rest. To make your house a home, you need qualified licensed roofers. And if you live in northern New Jersey outside the Big Apple, you need North American Pfister. North American Pfister’s licensed roofers in Bergen County, NJ can give you expertise and experience you won't find elsewhere. Whether you’re looking to repair a hole or completely replace your roof, our skills are sure to see your job through to a satisfactory conclusion.

What’s in a Roof?

Choosing the most fitting roofing materials is one of the most important parts to creating a solid roof. Even the most skilled craftsmen would be hard-pressed to produce quality creations with sub-par materials. That’s why North American Pfister uses GAF roofing shingles and components, ensuring a roof that will not only stand out aesthetically, but stand the test of time. With the combination of our abilities and materials, we ensure your roof is safe, beautiful, and perhaps most importantly, affordable. We also repair any damaged roof you may have at the moment. This includes tears, cracks, splits, and other serious damage to your tiles, shingles, slate, or other components. Just tell ourlicensed roofers in Bergen County, NJ what style roof you want and you can be sure it will meet your standards—or exceed them!

Building a Better Roof

From Start to Finish, Our Roof Contractors Have You Covered
There’s no need to hesitate when it comes to home repair or roof replacement. Time is money, and the idea of time spent without a roof can be intimidating. That’s why North American Pfister will meet with you to perform a free roofing estimate so you have a better idea of what you’re getting into, and will keep you informed every step of the way. We work efficiently, providing cost-effective repairs and replacements to make sure you spend as little time waiting for that great new roof as possible.

Our licensed roofers in Bergen County, NJ are standing by to help you realize a home investment that will beautify and protect your home for decades to come. Call North American Pfister today to schedule your free consultation at (201) 791-1422.

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