Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Roof Installers

Are you looking for roof installation in NJ? North American Pfister is a fully licensed and insured roofing company in NJ that provides roof installation and roofing replacement for many years with precision and great customer satisfaction. 

Signs you will need a new roof

The significance of roofs to your house can’t possibly be overstated. A lot goes into protecting you and your loved ones from the elements, and roofs do a significant job when it comes to this. However, like every household fixture, roofs eventually wear off and start showing signs of deterioration.

Here are some signs you want to keep in mind as they could point you to getting a new roof soon - or, at least, repairing the one you’ve got.



Perhaps the most obvious clue that you need to start speaking to roof installers is when you begin to see leaks.

This is especially common after rainstorms. You might want to check your attic to ensure that there are no leaks. Also, if you notice that there’s an ice dam along your eaves, you might need to start considering a new roof. 

Keep in mind that this problem might not require an entire roof replacement. Sometimes, it’s just a few shingles that have blown off. It could also be some flashing tearing loose, exposing the roof deck. Whatever it is, you want to get the professionals to look into it as quickly as possible.

Regardless, get professionals to examine the problem and look into it immediately.


Water stains

Water stains on your walls can also be a significant sign of a leaky roof. Whether it’s stains on your ceiling or along the walls, you want to investigate what could be going on. It could be due to condensation, or it could be due to a terrible roofing leak. If it’s the latter, then you want to get it checked out as soon as possible.


Paint damage

When you notice paint blistering or peeling off, this could be a problem. The same applies to swells in your trim and woodwork, whether indoors or outside.

These issues are usually caused by the accumulation of water somewhere it shouldn’t be. While you might think that these are mere cosmetic issues, they’re actually much more than that. They show that there’s a significant leak, and you need to investigate it immediately.


                                                                                    The appearance of mold

Once you see mildew and mold growing in your ceiling, you most likely have a leaky roof. These could be due to plumbing problems or just condensation. When it’s especially the former, get roof installers on the line.

 A sagging roof

Water can also cause several large portions of your roof to begin sagging. This is perhaps the most significant sign that you need a replacement, and you should immediately call a roof installer.

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