Friday, May 7, 2021

Siding Installation

Are you looking for siding installation in NJ? North American Pfister provide siding installation in NJ, that is fully licensed and insured.


The most crucial element of all, which is keeping your house safe, is siding. It is not an exciting project when you come to think of home renovation; still, it is the most important. Siding has a lifecycle that is dependent on many factors such as atmosphere, temperature, and climate. Apart from this, another central element in the siding life span is what it has been through over time. Here are some things that you should always look out to avoid possible siding problems in the future.


Watch out for carpenter bees, bugs, and termites, as they will not stop tunneling through your sidings. These pests are not just dangerous for the wood, but the sliding structure is also vulnerable to their attack. To prevent the pests from enjoying their meal in your sliding, use insecticides or spray hot water from a spray can.


In the list of enemies of sliding, moisture takes the second spot. Although siding is designed to keep out the moisture, still if the sliding is damaged, moisture could become a severe menace for you. That is why you should always maintain your siding or call a professional siding company to avoid further damage.

Bad installation

Not all roofing and siding contractors know their way around a hammer. Some of the people who claim to be professionals don't even know how to install a siding correctly. If the siding isn't properly installed, it could seriously hurt the lifespan of the siding. That is why it is advised that you must call a professional siding installation company to avoid possible financial loss.

Roof problems

You might be thinking that roof problems aren't related to the topic, but they are. Stabilization and the average life span of siding depend upon the quality of the roof of your house. Whenever your roof starts decaying or its shingles start curling, it will allow the moisture to get on the inside. As discusses above, moisture is the arch-enemy of siding, and it endangers the understructure of the house too. That is why you should always get your roof and siding checked by a professional company that is properly licensed to do so.


Apart from all of the above elements, weather plays a crucial role in the lifespan of siding too. Severe winters or dense rainfall could play its role by getting into the little cracks of your house. In harsh winters, the tiny drops of water could freeze themselves again in the cracks, which could seriously damage your roof. Whenever a big storm passes, or you feel like your sidings start wearing out, you should always call a siding installation professional company to get the necessary repairs done irrespective of the visible damage.

North American Pfister is a home construction company with over 40 years of experience specializing in roofing, siding, and other home construction services. We are in the field for quite a while now and provide superior services with high standards and provide extra customer care.

For more information, contact North American Pfister today at (201) 794-1422.

North American Pfister - Your trusted source for siding installation in NJ

Monday, April 26, 2021

Roofing Contractors in NJ

Are you looking for roofing contractors in NJ? North American Pfister has a long history as roofing contractors in NJ. 


If your roof is older than 20 years, and you are seeing water stains on your house’s ceilings or are constantly observing leakages in the warehouse, then it is time for some repairs. Even if the shingles installed on your rooftops are curling and buckling due to overage, then you should consider calling a professional roofing agency that dares to cater to your needs on time, just like us. Now, before hiring, any agency runs a background check on them to see if they are licensed or not. If you are still unsure about making a decision, considers contacting the roofing professionals at North American Pfister. We have a well-reputed and professionally acclaimed team of roofing workers who do their work with quality and remarkable precision. Apart from this we also provide exceptionally responsive customer service.

Residential Roofing

It doesn't matter if you need small repairs or long-term maintenance; We offer all of these services.

             Installation of New Roofs

             Small Roof Repairs

             Full roof replacement

             Quick Emergency services

             Full roof maintenance

             Routine inspections

We believe in what we do, and we pay a higher level of attention to detail. When it comes to residential roofing, our team of professionals goes over the top with the work. We have been in the roofing service for quite a while now and are aware of the needs and wants of our clients. Apart from this, we have worked with many huge contractors and provide reputable residential roofing services.

North American Pfister is a fully recognized residential roofing company and is committed to providing superior quality roofing service to ensure that the roof of your house withholds dense rainfall, is durable, and life lasting.

Commercial Roofing

North American Pfister understands the needs of commercial sectors. We believe that due to the variation in the sizes of commercial roofs, these are tough and complex in nature than the residential roof. That is why you should always call a professional roofing company to get your roofs redone. North American Pfister has worked with numerous commercial roofing materials and is aware of every itty bitty detail of commercial roofing. We know what your business needs are and are fully aware of the nature of the job required for your commercial roofing. Have a look at what we specialize in when it comes to commercial roofing

             Full reconstruction of commercial roof

             Full commercial roof maintenance

             Repair of half or full roof

             Repairs of storm-damaged roofs

             Emergency roof inspections

Get an estimate on commercial or residential roofing.

It doesn’t matter if you require a full replacement or just minor changes in your commercial roof and residential roofs. We will always be there to help you. If you are unsure about the costs that the whole repairs will incur, feel free to contact us on our contact number. Our professional roof inspectors will not only provide you with free evaluation but will also run estimates of the whole project. We provide excellent services, and our team of professionals goes above and beyond while doing their job. North American Pfister is just a phone call away to meet all of your roofing needs.

For more information, please call our roofing contractors in NJ today at (201) 794-1422.

North American Pfister - Your trusted Roofing Contractors in NJ.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Siding Installation NJ

Are you looking for siding installation in NJ? North American Pfister provide siding installation in NJ, that is fully licensed and insured.

Siding Installation in NJ

Siding is essential to keep your property in good condition for many years. Proper siding installation in NJ by North American Pfister’s licensed and experienced team will defend your home against harmful and damaging effects of the wrath of nature.

Besides, siding gives your home a unique outlook. North American Pfister is a recognized company that offers siding installation services in NJ. We help with the new installation and siding replacement in NJ at the most affordable costs. Our professional services have many benefits for homeowners in NJ, including:

·        Quality protection

·        Increased value

·        Curb appeal

·        Longevity

·        A higher return on investment (ROI)

License and Insurance

North American Pfister is a licensed company that complies with NJ building codes. Our company is adept at expediting paperwork, including permits. General liability and workers’ compensation insurance provide coverage against accidental property damage and injuries.

Safety and Protection

Siding installation requires using heavy-duty power tools and climbing high on ladders to reach difficult places. The mix of gravity and heavy tools is not conducive to your safety. On the other hand, North American Pfister’s team have years of experience in completing siding projects. Our team knows what to do and what not to do, and we have quality safety and protective equipment, ensuring a streamlined and organized process.

The Right Siding Material

North American Pfister makes a solid plan and follows a thorough and step-by-step approach to ensure quality siding installation in NJ. Our professional siding team will go over the material choices and select the right one for your home.

For instance, cement siding installed by our team will withstand more variations in weather. It won’t shrink, expand, crack, and rot. Our team will make a thorough discussion with you before selecting the material and ensure choosing the one that:

·        Enhances curb appeal

·        Durability and low maintenance

·        Resists mold and mildew

·        Eco-friendly

·        Easy installation

·        Huge selection of

o   Colors

o   Trim

o   Styles

Increased Home Value

North American Pfister ensures choosing the suitable material for your home siding installation project. We can install vinyl siding and cement siding at affordable costs. Research shows that vinyl siding has a massive impact on your home appearance, leading to increased overall value. Siding installation in NJ can increase your home value by 76% of the project cost.

For your home siding needs, North American Pfister is here to help. For many years, our professional team have been delivering various siding options to homeowners in NJ. North American Pfister uses premium materials that protect your home from UV light, discoloration, mold, mildew, and other environmental contaminants.

Our siding installation contractors in NJ will provide a free siding installation estimate in NJ.

 For more information, contact North American Pfister today at (201) 794-1422.

North American Pfister - Your trusted source for siding installation in NJ

Monday, March 29, 2021

Roof Installation NJ

Are you looking for roof installation in NJ? North American Pfister is a fully licensed and insured roofing company in NJ that provides roof installation and roofing replacement for many years with precision and great customer satisfaction.

Roof Installation NJ

The roof acts as a barrier against rain, ice, hail, snow, debris, and branches. Your home will develop mold, mildew, get leaks, and experience other problems if it is not in good shape. Experts at North American Pfister say that smaller leaks in the roofline can lead to water problems across your home's major systems.  

Are you looking for roof installation in NJ? Many homeowners in NJ rely on professional contractors for roof installation, repair, or maintenance projects. At North American Pfister, our professional installers make roofing installation simple and manage all details from start to finish. Here is why you should choose North American Pfister for roof installation NJ.

NJ Building Code Compliance

The NJ Building Code is a set of regulations or laws that govern construction projects' handling and management. North American Pfister makes it a point to stay updated on NJ building code, ensuring a residential roof project is done correctly.

High-Quality Roofing Products

North American Pfister has a professional team with many years of experience in roof installation. Our team follows a step-by-step approach to streamline the installation process. We select high-quality roofing products from reputable brands, including GAF Roofing, TAMKO Roofing, and CertainTeed Roofing.

The Quality of Work

High-quality roofing comes with hands-on experience. Experts at North American Pfister understand that roofing involves careful examination and analysis before starting the project.

Our professional team considers various factors, including ventilation outlet installation. The purpose is to avoid minor and major mistakes during the installation. Besides, our team install new roofs on different shingles, including fiberglass and asphalt shingles.

Timely Completion

Our team ensures completing your roofing installation project on time, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day activities, spend time with loved ones, and relax at home. Many homeowners in NJ are enthusiastic about DIY projects. We recommend putting your trust in our skilled roofer's hands to ensure prompt and quality service and increase your home value.


Safety is another reason why you should consider North American Pfister for your roof installation project. Hundreds of accidents occur every year when people try to carry out the installation as a DIY project.

Avoid putting yourself in a situation that can harm or injure you by hiring our professional installation service. We have the right tools, equipment, and protective gear to ensure your wellbeing and your home's safety.

For more information, please call us today at (201) 794-1422.

North American Pfister - Your experts in roof installation in NJ.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Roof Installers

Are you looking for roof installation in NJ? North American Pfister is a fully licensed and insured roofing company in NJ that provides roof installation and roofing replacement for many years with precision and great customer satisfaction. 

Signs you will need a new roof

The significance of roofs to your house can’t possibly be overstated. A lot goes into protecting you and your loved ones from the elements, and roofs do a significant job when it comes to this. However, like every household fixture, roofs eventually wear off and start showing signs of deterioration.

Here are some signs you want to keep in mind as they could point you to getting a new roof soon - or, at least, repairing the one you’ve got.



Perhaps the most obvious clue that you need to start speaking to roof installers is when you begin to see leaks.

This is especially common after rainstorms. You might want to check your attic to ensure that there are no leaks. Also, if you notice that there’s an ice dam along your eaves, you might need to start considering a new roof. 

Keep in mind that this problem might not require an entire roof replacement. Sometimes, it’s just a few shingles that have blown off. It could also be some flashing tearing loose, exposing the roof deck. Whatever it is, you want to get the professionals to look into it as quickly as possible.

Regardless, get professionals to examine the problem and look into it immediately.


Water stains

Water stains on your walls can also be a significant sign of a leaky roof. Whether it’s stains on your ceiling or along the walls, you want to investigate what could be going on. It could be due to condensation, or it could be due to a terrible roofing leak. If it’s the latter, then you want to get it checked out as soon as possible.


Paint damage

When you notice paint blistering or peeling off, this could be a problem. The same applies to swells in your trim and woodwork, whether indoors or outside.

These issues are usually caused by the accumulation of water somewhere it shouldn’t be. While you might think that these are mere cosmetic issues, they’re actually much more than that. They show that there’s a significant leak, and you need to investigate it immediately.


                                                                                    The appearance of mold

Once you see mildew and mold growing in your ceiling, you most likely have a leaky roof. These could be due to plumbing problems or just condensation. When it’s especially the former, get roof installers on the line.

 A sagging roof

Water can also cause several large portions of your roof to begin sagging. This is perhaps the most significant sign that you need a replacement, and you should immediately call a roof installer.

For more information, please call us today at (201) 794-1422.

North American Pfister - Your experts in roof installation in NJ.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Roof Replacement in NJ

 Are you looking for roof replacement in NJ? North American Pfister is a fully licensed and insured roofing company in NJ that provides roof installation and roofing replacement for many years with precision and great customer satisfaction.

The well-being of a structure is dependent on timely roof maintenance and replacement. The roof is an important part of the home that protects everything inside it. A leak or small crack in some part of the roof can damage the entire thing. Ultimately the whole house suffers due to the poor roofing. Therefore, roof replacement by professionals is crucial for maintaining the home for a long. 

With licensed services like North American Pfister, roof replacement is an easy task. All you need to do is give a call and get ready for the process to begin. The replacement is done with perfection as the workers are skilled and experienced. 

When should you replace the roof?

Your roof will give you signs when it needs replacement. Here is what you should be looking out for:

        Age of the roof

Roofs are usually said to last for 25 to 30 years. After that, it is safe to have the replacement done. If your roof has been built on older layers, then it is important to have the entire thing replaced. Old roofs are dangerous to have over  head.

        Shingles losing shape

When you see the shingles curling or losing granules, it is time to get a new roof. The curling starts when the shingles have reached their expiry date. They are then of no use, and a replacement is the best option you have.

        Leaky roofs

You see water dripping from any part of the roof, call the roof replacement services. Leaky roofs can damage the walls and interiors of the house. Also, it is not comfortable living in a house with a leaking roof.

        Shingles are missing

The shingles start falling off as the roof ages. That is a sign that the roof is nearing its end. Before all shingles go missing, have them replaced. 

When should you replace a roof?

If your roof is not falling apart and needs an emergency replacement, then the best time to get a replacement done is the autumn season. The weather is perfect for working. There is no rain or snowfall. The job gets done without any interruption, and the workers can work longer. 

For more information about roof replacement in NJ, please call us today at (201) 794-1422.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Roofing Contractors in Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for roofing contractors in Bergen County, NJ? North American Pfister has a long history as roofing contractors in Bergen County, NJ.

A roofing contractor is simply a person licensed by the state government to roof buildings. This means that if you are constructing a building or fixing that leaking roof, you need an experienced expert roofing contractor to get the best results. You can consult a roofing contractor to determine if your roof needs a complete replacement or if you need to change some things.

North American Pfister has a long history as roofing contractors in Bergen County, NJ

How to recognize a competent Roofing Contractor.

1.       Expertise

A good contractor is adequately trained, reliable, and experienced in handling everything that has to do with the roof. References and reviews are an excellent way to know the level of expertise of a contractor.

2.       Licensing

One of the first things you should look out for when hiring a roofing contractor is to make sure they are duly licensed. North American Pfister has been operating with 1889 with a history of excellent service all over Bergen County.

3.       Insurance

When hiring a roofing contractor, you need to make sure that they have insurance. This is so that you will not be liable for damages caused by the contractor.  Granted, roofers usually have good stamina and strength, but sometimes accidents happen. Therefore, there must be insurance to cover for such occurrences

4.       Safety Guarantee and warranty

A good roofing contractor must have a history of maintaining all safety guidelines. Your property must be safe in their care because most times, they will have access to building due to the nature of the job.

 Benefits of Roofing Contractors

1.      Saves time

Hiring Roofing contractors saves you a lot of time. Although it is possible to try to fix the problem yourself  especially if you are a very hands on person, it will save you a lot of time to hire experts that will fix it more efficiently and faster. Hiring experienced roofing contractors gives you the time to face other priorities.

2.       Saves Cost

Although it may look like it is more costly on the surface, it may save you a lot of time, stress, and even money in the long run. For example, our roofing contractors are highly trained and experienced; we also have solid relationships and history with suppliers.   This means that we know where to get the best material suited to your needs at the fairest price that way, you get to save money.

3.       Safer and More efficient

Professional roofing contractors have all the necessary equipment and tools to work efficiently and safely.

So, if you need someone to fix up that roof, make sure it is safe and in excellent condition, contact our professional roofing contractors at North American Pfister in Bergen County, NJ. Your safety is our greatest satisfaction. 

For more information, please call our roofing contractors in Bergen County, NJ today at (201) 794-1422.

North American Pfister - Your trusted Roofing Contractors in Bergen County, NJ.

Roofing Contractors in Bergen County, NJ

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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Construction Company in North NJ

Construction Company in North NJ

Are you looking for a home construction company in North NJ? For over 40 years, North American Pfister specializes in home construction services with high standards and great customer care. From installing and replacing roofing to siding fro houses, to remodeling bathrooms and kitchens, our home construction professionals have the knowledge and experience to provide home construction services all across Northern New Jersey. Our home construction services also includes home renovation projects such as kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, deck building, roof repair, and many more home remodeling services to expand and increase the value of your home.

Construction Company in North NJ: North American Pfister's History
Pfister Roofing’s history can be traced back to Ernst Pfister in 1889. In 1894, Ernst received the gold medal for excellence in roofing craftsmanship. Herman Pfister, one of Ernst's ten sons, took over the business in 1914, managing it successfully for decades. The construction company witnessed Dieter Pfister, Ernst's grandson, acquired Koestler Roofing and Schmidt Roofing In the 1980's and formed Pfister Industries. Today, the Pfister name and reputation is among the finest in the industry. North American Re-Modeling & Design Inc was formed in 1981 by Lawrence Rota. Mr. Rota entered the seamless gutter industry early on in 1971. Mr. Rota soon expanded into residential remodeling and new home construction with his new company, becoming one of the area's premier custom home builders for the upscale markets.

Roofing Contractor in North NJ:  Great Roofs From Great Roofing Products
At North American Pfister, we believe that great roofs are built with great roofing products. This is why we only use carefully selected and high quality roofing products from well-known roofing brands such as GAF Roofing, CertainTeed Roofing and TAMKO Roofing. We will assist and help you chose the right roofing material and products for your specific home and your new roof that will last longer than expected. By using these quality roofing products, this will extend the lifespan of your roof and increase the value of your home in Northern New Jersey.

Siding Company in North NJ: House Siding For All Shapes and Sizes
North American Pfister's certified siding contractors have the skills and knowledge to install and replacing the siding on many homes with various shapes, designs and structures. Having over 40 years of siding experience makes us a great choice when you are looking for a siding installation company in New Jersey that you can trust. North American Pfister uses only selected siding products from well-known siding brands such as CertainTeed Siding and James Hardie Siding. Our Professional siding installation will improve the insulation of your home and will lower your monthly utility bills. Our siding contractors in North NJ work on a selected of siding applications such as Vinyl Siding, Cement Siding, Siding Trims for homes with various shapes and sizes in North New Jersey. We will match any color or style that you currently have on your home or improve the appearance with our wide selection of styles, patterns and colors that will make you house look brand new.

The professional home contractors at North American Pfister have many years of home renovation experience, having satisfied many clients with excellent results across a variety of projects. Whether you need new home construction, or home remodeling services, our home construction services will help increase the value of your home and improve the quality of your living.

For more information about home construction company innorth NJ or for a free home construction estimate on any of our services, call North American Pfister at (201) 794-1422 today!
North American Pfister - Your Home Construction Company in North NJ

Siding Installation

Are you looking for  siding installation in NJ ? North American Pfister provide  siding installation in NJ , that is fully licensed and insu...